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L'origine de la gastronomie à Dijon

The Word From Mayor Emmanuel Clochet October 16, 2010

The town wanted to mark the creation of the regiment of Burgundy on his land, so the idea was launched of a memorial. Yves Roulleau was naturally the artist to whom we turned.
He has translated his work into the image of the phantom regiment, he was able explain the collective imagination through a modern monument, but understandable. It allowed us to symbolize the bravery too little known. That to give a ceremony exceptionally large but mostly burning in the collective memory is a nice weapon.

The Word from the Mayor

On June, 20th, 2008 a steel man named "The Ancestor" was set up in the park of the "Maison des Sociétés" in Marsannay-la-Côte.
The sculpture shows its real dimension in this environement.
The character was aquired by the commune, the first to have welcomed one of my refurbished steel creations.
During the inauguration of the sculpture, the mayor, Jean-François Gondellier, emphasized all the importance Marsannay-la-Côte attributes to artistic creation, this particular one, now standing as an integrated part of the communes heritage.

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